More Inchies


The “inchie” struggle carries on.  I needed 6 for the January swap over at the Polymer Clay Adventure Retreat (If you haven’t checked it out, you should: ) And even though it’s a bit frustrating (I’ve thrown out the first several dozen ‘inchies’ that I made),  I am showing improvement.  But, oh, you should hear me curse while I make them! One square inch of clay is a very small canvas.  Especially with my thick cornbread fingers.  I think that I’ve finally finished, with some nice ones to choose from.  I was really able to explore a lot of new techniques and finishes without wasting a lot of clay.  I practiced the Sutton slice, mica shifts, mokume gane, staining, molding, blending, alcohol inks and silver leaf and the work really helped me learn new methods, even if I still need a lot more practice doing them.

The February swap at Polymer Clay Adventure is ‘fairy doors’.  We only need to produce 3 and they are a little larger (about 2″) so it will be a nice change of pace.  Teresa Pandora Salgado will be teaching a class on canes on Friday, I’m really looking forward to that too.  My only attempt at a cane was a dismal failure.

Over at Christi Freiden’s  Creative ‘Community’, ( I’ve been working on asymmetry, specifically in hearts.  I should have my symmetrical heart done by tomorrow.  There’s also a monthly project that I’m gathering materials for, which is full of crystals and and curls and golden goodness.    She’s so encouraging and has a really strong art background which is nice to be exposed to.

All of this work fits in nicely with Katie (at Kater’s Acre’s  2015 Challenge to work at least once a week with clay.  I’ve actually been able to work almost every day.  Katie asked (and answered) this:  “What happens when you dedicate just one year to your craft? As a general rule of thumb, not only do you become more proficient & skilled as an artist, but you learn what you like and what you don’t like, as well as what makes you happy!”

And who doesn’t want ‘happy’?  Riiight?



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